Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarnalicious Weekend

Whoa! That was a very busy, yarnalicious weekend! I need a vacation now. Or at the very least, a good long rest for my stitchy fingers. Maybe a nap too.

My very fashionable friend Sherry accompanied me to some craft stores on Saturday and acted as a very helpful "color consultant." I often have trouble thinking outside of my own color preferences, so Sherry was a much needed second set of eyes to help me choose some awesome colors for the fall collection.

Our shopping frenzy began at Joann Fabrics on Staten Island. Not my usual craft haunt, but on the recommendation of a friend I gave it a shot. Now, perhaps this store satisfies my friend's fabric needs, but as a yarn source this place leaves a lot to be desired. Yarn was displayed in about five different areas in the store. Yes, you read that correctly. Little bit o' yarn over here, some more in cardboard boxes over there. Oy! What a pain in the tuchus! Also, not that I expect any one craft store to carry every brand's entire line of fiber, but there was so much yarn by so many different manufacturers, that it didn't do any one line justice. Maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone else, but to me it was inadequate. The store was mostly empty of patrons, which made for a peaceful shopping experience, but the staff was inattentive to the few of us that were there. We waited with a few others at the cash register for what felt like an eternity because store employees were no where to be found. Not a one. Oh well, good thing the patrons present at the time were good, law-abiding citizens who didn't just walk off with their crafty goodies. PLUS: Yarn stock did contain a decent amount of some reliable work-horses, so I was able to pick up some all-purpose stash and apply the 20% off coupon I received for signing up for their on-line mailing list. Yay for discounts!

Feeling not completely fulfilled with my haul, we headed down the road to my trusted ole' Michael's. Well-stocked, lots of helpful staff always on hand, Michael's is my go-to craft store. While I still didn't find all of the yarn I needed for my upcoming projects (thank goodness for the Lion Brand Store in Manhattan!!!), I was able to pick up many of the other crafty items on my list: plastic canvas (for hat brims!), sewing notions, a nifty new crochet tool box (it's hot pink!), a new hook (size J - I lost my last one...I think the couch ate it), and some other doo-dads and what-nots.

It's amazing how happy I always feel after a trip to the craft store. I got so excited about my new loot I ran home, organized my tools and new stash, and got to stitching! First up was a beautiful and soft new cowl made with a yarn I had never used before, Lion Brand's Jiffy. I am now in love with this yarn AND my new cowl, which I worked up quickly while watching the telly. I then proceeded to complete one other project (a swirly scarf) and start a third! My hands are definitely tired, so I'm glad to be at work today (did I just say that?) to give my hands a rest. That is, until I get home this evening and the stitching frenzy resumes!

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