Saturday, April 27, 2013

Change of Season

Hello Readers,

Well, with the winter of 2012-2013 firmly behind us, I've had a nice bit of time to rest my hands from their busy work, but I just cannot turn off my mind!  So, now is when I look back at the past season, see what worked, what my customers liked, what they didn't, and start planning for Fall.

I hope everyone has a brilliant, fun-filled Spring and Summer.  I'll be out, enjoying the sunshine and warm breezes as much as possible.  I will also be spending some free time working out new patterns, learning new techniques, and trying out new fibers.  I love this time of year for that very reason.  I get to play.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is an awesome new niece (I already know she's gonna be awesome, 'cause her parents kinda are), who will be coming into the world this September.  And with this Awesome Girl comes the opportunity to try out some new, cool, funky baby items.  I generally make items that I, myself, would wear.  Stuff that interests and appeals to me.  Now, though, I am psyched to make a whole slew of stuff for Awesome Girl.  Funny how kids can change your perspective.

I will also have the opportunity, this Summer, to snag my tech-genius Hubby during his all-too-rare off-time, to help me build an official website.  I am SO not savvy enough to get that set up on my own, which is why it has taken forever.  Good thing I have a Hubby who is not only handsome as heck, but he is an absolute WHIZ with all things technology.  (How'd I get so lucky?)

In the meantime, feel free to check out my Facebook page (  I find it much easier to update with photos and whatnot, so that's where you'll find the latest info on what i'm up to.

As always, if you have any interest in my hand-made goodies and want to order a custom made piece, please feel free to drop a line (HookMeUpBrooklyn(at)gmail(dot)com).  I'd LOVE to make something for you.

For now, as Lucy Coe likes to say, "Ta!"

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